Car parking policy Leiden University

Information on parking in the University's car parks.

Leiden University has implemented a car parking policy for its car parks, which includes regulated and paid parking. The LU-Card, assigned with appropriate access rights, allows access to the car park on a campus. 

How to request car park access

To use the university car parks as an employee or student (if allowed by the faculty), you will need access rights on your personal LU-Card. If you do not (yet) have a LU-Card, please apply for a card by visiting the LU-Card website. Please take note: for the use of the car parks, a parking fee applies.

Access rights are being assigned on each campus by the local faculty or department. You can apply for access rights by filling out the webform and submit it to the local service desk mentioned on the form.

  • Please take into account that only a limited amount of parking subscriptions are issued to prevent overcrowded car parks.
  • Local rules, such as assignment for a single particular car parking, may apply to distribute parking loads evenly.

Requesting car park access rights in six steps.

  1. Open the form “betaald parkeren” and choose the campus where you would like to park.

  2. Please fill out your name and details. Please fill out the form digitally, not by hand.

  3. Choose the start date (earliest possibility is tomorrow). Choose the number of months (1-12). The end date and parking fee are automatically calculated.

  4. Print and then sign the form. Submit it to the local service desk mentioned on the form. Note: For Sylvius a slightly different procedure applies.

  5. Please pay the parking fee directly at the service desk by use of your bank card.

  6. The service desk employee will assign the appropriate access rights, possibly specified to one or more car parks. Access rights automatically expire on the end date.

Your LU-Card must always be updated by presenting the card to an online card reader (e.g. building gateway).


Guests & visitors

Guests, such as visitors and part-time students who will incidentally visit the university can access the parking garage Rijnveste, car park Sportcenter by paying a parking fee using pin, and parking garage Maliebaan by using a day pass (a day pass can be purchased in advance at the servicedesk WSD inside the Lipsius building).

If you stay at Leiden University for a longer period of time, you may be eligible to receive a LU-Card. If you have a LU-Card, you can purchase a parking subscription.

Visitors of the Snellius and Huygens building can report to intercom at the car park PSE. As an employee, please register your visitors at the Huygens service desk in advance!

Parking rates

The parking rates for 2015-2016 are:

Subscription LU-Card €155 / year or €15,50 / month
Guest and contractors €310 / year or €31 / month
Parking card* External commercial companies €547,82 / year 
Visitors Sportcenter Monday - Friday 07:30 - 17:00 Local price**
Visitors Rijnveste Monday - Friday 07:00 - 23:00 Local price

*   Costs for a re-usable card excluded (€25, pricelevel 2015).
** €0,05 / 3 minutes - €1,- / hour

Parking rules

  • You will only receive access rights after approval of your faculty or department and after payment of the appropriate parking fee.

  • Access rights expire automatically. Users are themselves responsible for prolongment.

  • Access rights provide access to the car park; they do not guarantee a free parking spot. Restitution of parking fees in such (rare) cases does not apply.

  • Your faculty or department may limit your access right to one single car park on campus, due to even distribution.

  • Infringement of rules and regulations may result in revoking your access rights without restitution. Access rights are updated every 24 hours.

  • The university car parks are not intended for (semi) long term parking of your holiday van or classic car. Car parks are strictly intended for parking as a result of commuting between home and workplace. Infringement may result in revoking access rights and the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense.

  • Only for handicapped (Dutch: miva) and for work traffic, exemption of (additional) parking fees may apply. For application, use the special miva-werk form.

  • Your LU-Card is strictly personal. It is not allowed to lend out your card to others.

  • Parking your personal vehicle on the university car parks is on your own risk. Leiden Universiteit Leiden will by no means take any responsibility for your vehicle or damages.

  • If you leave Leiden University and wish to receive a refund of parking fees, your request will only be processed if you have 3 or more months of access rights. Please contact Expertisecentrum Vastgoed.

Local rules per campus

  • The Maliebaangarage (inner city Leiden) is not a public car park. Parking subscriptions will be sold to employees and students.

  • At the campuses Boerhaave, Gorlaeus en Sylvius parking subscriptions will not be sold to students. Employees only.

  • On campuses Boerhaave and Gorlaeus access rights are limited to one car park on campus.

  • On the Boerhaave and FSW campuses an officially recognised badge is needed for handicapped (in Dutch: MIVA) students/employees to apply for exemption from parking fees. To apply for exemption, please use the special MIVA form.

  • For the car park at the Sylvius building a different application procedure applies: your request must first be approved by IBL.

University Car parks

Click here for an overview of all car parks of Leiden University.


Any questions or remarks about the parking policy can be send to:

Expertisecentrum Vastgoed
Rapenburg 70
2300 RA Leiden

Last Modified: 22-12-2016